10 Interior Accessories Every Cosy Home Needs

10 Interior Accessories Every Cosy Home Needs

There are houses, there are homes, and then there are seriously cosy homes.

Cosy homes are a true sanctuary. They say 'hey, had a bad day? Let me take care of that.' With their warm aromas, soft furnishings and subtle touches, they make you feel as relaxed, and 'at home' as can be.

Want a seriously cosy home of your own? We have 10 interior accessories that will transform your home from drab and cold to cosy and comforting in an instant. These are the pieces to invest in now.

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1. The best rug for a cosy feel

warm shaggy rug
Bertie the pug definitely approves!

There's one thing a living room will struggle to be seriously cosy without - a hugely oversized, fluffy, soft rug.

There's something about a huge rug that screams 'come and sit on me.' The floor, a sitting area usually reserved for furry friends, suddenly becomes a seriously appealing place to be when covered in a big, fluffy piece of fabric.

A large rug may not be the cheapest interior accessory in the world, but it's certainly one worth investing in. Just think of all the nights cuddled up by the fire, morning's opening presents and marathon monopoly games it will play host to.

2. Candles make any room cosy

The second interior accessory absolutely every home should have, is - you guessed it - candles (and lots of them!)

There's nothing quite like the soft glow of a candle. The flickering flames are relaxing, calming, and oh so cosy.

Have an array of candles of all different sizes to really amp up the cosy atmosphere of your room. Just be sure to be careful with hot wax and naked flames.

Whilst we're on the topic, why not check out some new, unusual ways to use candles too.

3. Why you should buy a hot chocolate machine

Marshmallows Cup Cocoa Cream Hot Chocolate Mug
That's certainly not an instant jobbie! ©Max Pixel

Why should you invest in a hot chocolate machine? Quite simply, hot chocolate is the most comforting and indulgent drink out there.

If you weren't feeling cost sitting in your living room before, you sure will once you've got a mug of hot choc in your hand.

Instant mixes are OK, but they can't compete with the fabulously frothy milk and rich chocolatey-ness you get from a real hot chocolate machine.

We got a Nescafé one at a heavily reduced price. It's stylish, functional, and makes the meanest hot choc around!

I promise you won't regret splurging on one, but if you're really not convinced, check out our Ultimate Hot Chocolate Recipe.

4. Faux fur or fluffy throw

What is the ultimate cosy activity? That's right - cuddling up on the sofa with your favourite film and a huge blanket.

As far as throws go, they don't come cosier than the faux fur variety. Wrap yourself in one of these beauties and you'll literally feel like you're receiving a warm hug.

Pick one up next time you're shopping to give your living room an instant dose of cosiness.

5. Dimmed lighting is an essential

sofa cosy time
Now that's what I call cosy! ©Visual Hunt

Who wants to sit in a stark, bright room after staring into artificial office lighting all day?

Your home should be a contrast to the workplace - calm and stress-free. Perhaps it's time to ditch those bright lights for something a little softer?

Whether it's installing dimmers so you can modify the strength of the existing lighting in your room, or a stand-alone feature, dimmed lighting is definitely something worth investing in.

6. Family photos are the easiest interior accessory

What's the fast-track way to making a house homely (a word that's basically synonymous with cosy?) A load of family photos, of course!

Old photos give even the most modern of houses history - and we all know how cosy old houses are.

Put them on walls, on side tables and anywhere else they'll fit to instantly cosy up your impersonal looking home.

7. Fairy lights because, duh

fairy lights and plants
So magical! ©Visual Hunt

Ooohh fairy lights - so pretty, so magical, so cosy. While most people associate fairy lights with Christmas, they really can be worked into any home at any time of year.

Fairy lights are particularly effective in bedrooms - it is the land of dreams after all! Run a small, battery-powered set along your window ledge or dressing table to make your room look cosier.

8. Big mugs

Is one tea ever really enough? Why have a small cup of cosiness, when you can have a big one, that's what we say.

Pick up a few, XXL, mish-mashed mugs next time you're out and your tea with one sugar will be better than ever before.

Plus, think how much extra room you'll have for all those hot chocolate toppings you've made in your new machine - cream, marshmallows, a flake, the lot!

9. Huge throw pillows

There's a reason House of Fraser has a whole section dedicated to cushions - they are an amazing interior accessory.

Just as a rug says 'come sit on me,' large cushions scream, 'come lounge on me.' Be it a bland, bare bed or a stiff, stern sofa, a few plush cushions will soon cosy everything up.

We're particularly fond of the shaggy or chunky knit ones - they're so comfy.

10. Scent diffuser

scent diffuser
Get your home smelling luscious! ©Visual Hunt

The final must have interior accessory on our list is, a scent diffuser.

They're available in most homeware stores in a variety of fragrances.

They're much prettier than a plugin air wick, and more natural smelling too. The wooden reeds diffuse the smell slowly over time, preventing it from becoming too overbearing.

Cinnamon, vanilla, chai? What will be your cosy scent of choice? Pop one in every room to make your home smell wonderful.

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What interior accessory couldn't you live without? Let us know in the comments below!



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  1. Author Ian on October 11, 2019 at 8:27 pm

    Most of the things you suggest, I would take down to a charity shop if someone gave me them!

    1. Author Joanne A on October 14, 2019 at 12:55 pm

      Hi Ian! What do you do to make your home feel cosy?


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